Faraja Orphanage

Faraja Orphanage Children’s Home was established and obtained a full registration in 2008 by Faraja Maliaki and is a non-governmental organization with the following registration number: 00NGO/08378.  During inspiration and a strong feeling in his heart made him take action and he decided to open an orphanage for the main purpose to support children that come from difficult situations around the villages of Arusha.

We support and take care of children that come from difficult situations regardless of gender, tribe and religion. The children at the moment are between the ages of 10 months up to 18 years. Some children live with their parents/guardians but spend the day with us and some of the children is living with us permanently.  Regardless of where they are living, we provide them as best as we can with food, shelter, clothes and love.

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Teaching materials and stationaries
  • Salaries to pay people who help us with the kids

  • Building a school that will support kids from vulnerable life from foundation level to primary school level.
  • Expansion of kids playground


The Orphanage in Picture